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Canine Parvovirus


What caused the dog's small disease? How big is its harm? Canine parvovirus is an acute infectious disease caused by canine parvovirus. There are two main types of enteritis and myocarditis. Enteritis type mainly manifests as hemorrhagic necrosis of the small intestine. Myocarditis is mainly characterized by acute non-suppurative myocarditis. The harm of canine small disease is no less than that of canine distemper, which is one of the dog's strong diseases.

Why are puppies more susceptible to dogs? The dog's dog is mainly due to the owner's excessive love. For example, feeding milk and feeding meat. Because the puppy's digestive system is still not perfect, feeding milk and meat is easy to cause digestive diseases. The second is because the immune failure.

How to treat it? Actively cooperate with doctors for treatment. Strict disinfection management. Pay attention to isolation and improve diet. Vaccination against vaccination.