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Technical Communication

[:en]What is the role of Trypsin in modern day medical research?[:]

[:en]Trypsin is bringing about revolutionary changes in the field of medical research and proving to be a very effective mode of medication for various ailments. Trypsin in medicineis given to patients who have a deficiency of enzymes required for digestion in their body. Recent developments in medical research with trypsin: Earlier Trypsin in medicine was… View more

[:en]How is Glutamyltransferase clinically important in present day medicine?[:]

[:en]Enzymes play a very important role in the human body, and much of the blood flow comes under the surveillance of these enzymes. Human body is a complex structure, and many compound reactions take place inside every second. Enzymes play a very important in the reaction process.Glutamyltransferase is one such enzyme whose essentiality is impossible… View more

[:en]How does testosterone content affects the functioning of human body?[:]

[:en]The word ‘testosterone’ is what you would call a synonym for ‘manhood.’It is the testosterone content in the human body that differentiates between male and female physical characteristics. As the primary sex hormone in males, it has a key role in development of male reproductive tissues. But that’s not all! Did you know that testosterone… View more

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