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cell adhesion molecules

Human body is a complex structure, and it is a fascinating fact minute component known as cells bind the anatomy together. When two cells join each other and form one complex compound that process is called cell adhesion. So, the topic which needs discussion is the importance of cell adhesion molecules to a human being.

To break down cell adhesion molecules:

(CAM) or cell adhesion molecules have rich protein content, and these molecules play a pivotal role in the process of cell adhesion. It is the particle which binds to cells and together and also binds cells to (ECM) or extracellular matrix.

Importance of cell adhesion molecules:

Adhesions play a very important role in keeping the human body healthy. Here are few of its essentialities:

It keeps the blood flow of the body intact and is also responsible for the growth and attachment of cells to one another. These molecules usually work as adhesives to bring together two or more cells and also replace dead cells in the body.

Integrins and Cadherins are the most important cell adhesion molecules and ensure double direction signal of cell activities. It is also responsible for the attachment of two separate cells to each other, and it helps the human body to repair cells which face damage.

Adhesion molecules play a very important role in detecting and fighting foreign bodies and pathogens in the body. These external threats can have adverse effects on human body. Hence, such molecules prevent any potential attack.

Importance of cell adhesion molecules has no limit. Here is another important factor about adhesive molecules which is that it prevents any internal flammable cell activities. This means many times cells become inflammatory due to high acid content in them. These molecules act like ice on fire and prevent it from causing irreparable damage to human body.

Contrary to their name, these molecules also work as separating agents. For example, any cell which has grown an attachment and needs separation, in that case, adhesive molecules create a partition between them and break them in the process. If cells fail to separate they will stop performing and come in the way of the blood flow.

Cell adhesion molecules also help differentiate between two or more cell during an act of adhesion, so only cells with similar components will unite to form one complex compound. This process will prevent cells from wearing and tearing, and it will ensure the proper growth and development of human embryo.

Adhesion molecules play a very important role in the cervical area of women during the pregnancy and proper functions also in the nourishment of the embryo before its take human form. It is an addition to the list of the importance of cell adhesion molecules.

Cell Adhesion molecules have two categories. One is calcium independent, and the other is calcium dependent. Also, every molecule under this section is very rich in protein some of which are fibrinogen, collagen, and vitronectin.

Therefore, the importance of cell adhesion molecules is paramount in the well-being and growth of any human being and especially women who are expecting to be mothers. A healthy body will allow maximum cell growth and cell attachment. So, cell adhesion is the driving factor for this process.