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Contribute skills, did you get it?

Contribute skills, did you get it?

  1. Don’t contribute for the draft

It should be studied carefully in the context of all the periodicals, the tradition of posting, the emphasis on the text and the way of submission and the review cycle before submitting a paper. In particular,  it is difficult to understand the key points of their text of an university journals, and every journal has its own focus, and there is hardly any comprehensive periodical in the pure sense. Therefore, it is necessary for the authors to have a good understanding of the characteristics of the journals before they contributes to it, so as to “set the target” in the submission. The author can identify three or four journals that are suitable for the direction of his thesis.The above journals give echelon and hierarchical, and generally to throw a journal have shotter review cycle (remember: not a draft cast more), if not employed, immediately began to contribute to a second journal. During the submission, you can adjust the title and structure of the articles according to the main text of each issue so as to improve the “hit rate”.

  1. Learn to communicate with the editorial department

The author’s every submission should be seen as a communication between the author and the editorial department. From the content of the article to the submission format, it is best to have the energy body made to order. For example, the title of the journal in the header and footer of the article will make the editor feel your sincerity. On the other hand, If you contribute to A journal, but the name of the B journal is noted in the header of the header, which makes the editor very objectionable and seriously affects the contribution effect.

  1. How to write an email

If it’s a submission via E-mail, you can write a summary or innovation of the article directly in the email (not just in the attachment), so that the editor knows your article in the first place. Of course, for those journals that have already used the submission system, you can put the above content in a postscript or a statement, just for easy editing. This greatly reduces the processing time of the editor, making a good first impression.

  1. Notice of attachment processing

Whether it is the mail contribution or the submission system, uploading the paper as an attachment is an essential part of the submission process. Attachment generally not too big, because the mailbox and the submission system generally have some restrictions on the attachment size. The attachment is too large to be successful, and it is best to compress the image format of the article if necessary. You should also pay attention to the format of the attachment. Some editorial departments require PDF format, and some editorial departments ask for word format (some editorial departments may have requirements for word version). If you ignore these requirements during your submission, it may have an impact on the progress of your submission.What’s more, which may lead to rejection. So hopefully the authors don’t ignore these details when they contribute.

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