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Host Cell Protein ELISA Kits

Expression systems used in the generation of biopharmaceuticals (often called biologics or biologicals) contain many proteins. The presence of residual host cell proteins (HCPs) is a potential safety risk in any biopharmaceutical product. Any residual HCP have to be removed during product purification.

The rapid growth in production of biologics has generated an expanding requirement for identification and evaluation of residual HCP. The most common method for screening biopharmaceutical products and testing for HCP is enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), a sensitive assay with a low detection limit, high level of reproducibility, and compatibility with high-throughput screening.

ELISA kits are ideal for the quantification of target antigens in tissue extracts, serum and cell culture. ELISA kits as a sandwich ELISA, with the capture polyclonal antibody pre-coated onto a 96-well strip plate. Test samples are then added to these wells and allowed to complex with the bound antibody. A detection monoclonal antibody can then be added, which binds to the antigen thus completing the sandwich.

Host Cell Protein ELISA Kits provides a wide range of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits for the detection of hundreds of different proteins and molecules including cytokines, growth factors, markers for infectious diseases, diabetes and tumor, drugs and small molecules, etc. These ELISA kits include pre-coated plates with capture/detection antibodies, standards, buffers and accessory reagents.