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Human Albumin


Human albumin is an artificially extracted preparation that is primarily isolated from human plasma.

Its role is as follows:

1.Maintain the stability of plasma colloid osmotic pressure: The maintenance of plasma colloid osmotic pressure mainly depends on albumin in plasma. Colloid osmotic pressure is the main driving force for returning the interstitial fluid to the blood vessels.

2. Transport function: albumin can reversibly combine with many insoluble small organic molecules and inorganic ions in the body to form a soluble compound, which becomes the transport form of these substances in the blood circulation.

3. To protect and stabilize the immunoglobulin in the blood: the role of albumin can also protect the immunoglobuln, if the immunoglobulin lacks this protection, the immunity will become unstable, easily lead to various disease.

4. Provide heat: albumin can also provide heat to the body.

5. Nutritional supplementation: tissue protein and plasma protein can be transformed into each other, in the case of nitrogen metabolism disorders, albumin is used as a nitrogen source to provide nutrition for the tissue.