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Human sterole and its role in our body

Human sterole and its role in our body

When your doctor advises you on the cholesterol levels in your body, the first attack comes on cutting of diet. Naturally, this is one organic molecule that you surely wish to avoid. However, as a matter of fact, human sterole has a much important positive role to play for a healthy body. Though there are certain negative aspects associated with this molecule, they play certain key functions in the body.

Found in both plant and animal physiography, it is important for you to know the details to ensure that you can seek advantage. Scroll down to read more!

Understanding the various facets of ‘sterole’ molecule:

Sterols refer to a particular class of chemicals that form an important part of structural motifs as well as metabolic pathways. With the primary function of cellular communication, these chemical compounds are suitable for managing fluidity of cell membranes.

On a different note, Sterol regulatory element-binding protein (SREBP) 1 also plays an important role in dealing with fatty liver issues. Since it is associated with metabolic regulation of lipid and glucose content, it has an important role in gene expression of human hepatic lipogenic.

The various sterols in human body are – sex hormones, bile acids, and adrenal hormones.

Functions of sterols in human body:

As one of the most important chemical compounds in the body, its various functions include –

Synthesis of fat-soluble vitamins: The vitamins A, E, D, K are very important for proper functioning of human body. Hence, these fat-soluble vitamins are synthesized by sterols present in human body, and only then it passes on to your body.

Maintaining stability of membrane: The primary arena of human sterole is in the blood plasma. Hence, sterol cover that is available on skin membrane helps to maintain flexibility as well as provides a stable condition over temperature change. The lipid bilayer that is present helps to keep temperature on both sides different from each other.

Effect on cholesterol content: This is specifically associated with phytosterols that are found in plants. These sterols present in cell membranes absorb excess cholesterol that is present in blood and hence prevents blood from clogging in their tracks.

Formation of sperms:  As per a recent research, human sterole has a very important role to play in sperm production. Specific enzyme as cytochrome P450 lanosterol 14α-demethylase has shown an important role in regulation process of spermatogenesis. The epididymal transit of sperms via female reproductive tract requires changes in composition of sterol amount.

Role in biochemistry: When you consider importance of this compound from a biochemical point of view, you must check its importance in serving as a secondary messenger in developmental signals. Human sterole is also found in skin oils secretions.

Sterole and its role in research domain: This molecule has a very important role to play in the biosynthesis of cholesterol content, and hence it is important that one consults authentic samples for study. For the uninitiated, sterole samples that are used in laboratories come in the form of serum, tissue homogenates, cell lysates, and plasma tissue homogenates.

No need to worry on the human sterole count in your body.  This is truly an important compound vital for your health.