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[:en]The Enigmatic Eosinophil: Investigation of the Biological Role of Eosinophils in Parasitic Helmint Infection[:]

[:en] Key words: eosinophil – interleukin-5 – interleukin-5 deficient mice – helminth – asthma In many helminth infected hosts the number of eosinophils increases dramatically, often without any concurrent increases in the number of other leukocytes, so that eosinophils become the dominant cell type. Many experimental investigations have shown that the eosinophilia is induced by… View more

[:en]What is the role of Trypsin in modern day medical research?[:]

[:en]Trypsin is bringing about revolutionary changes in the field of medical research and proving to be a very effective mode of medication for various ailments. Trypsin in medicineis given to patients who have a deficiency of enzymes required for digestion in their body. Recent developments in medical research with trypsin: Earlier Trypsin in medicine was… View more

[:en]How is Glutamyltransferase clinically important in present day medicine?[:]

[:en]Enzymes play a very important role in the human body, and much of the blood flow comes under the surveillance of these enzymes. Human body is a complex structure, and many compound reactions take place inside every second. Enzymes play a very important in the reaction process.Glutamyltransferase is one such enzyme whose essentiality is impossible… View more

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