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Anti-IL6 antibody

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Anti-IL6 antibody

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Cytokine with a wide variety of biological functions. It is a potent inducer of the acute phase response. Plays an essential role in the final differentiation of B-cells into Ig-secreting cells Involved in lymphocyte and monocyte differentiation. It induces myeloma and plasmacytoma growth and induces nerve cells differentiation Acts on B-cells, T-cells, hepatocytes, hematopoeitic progenitor cells and cells of the CNS. Also acts as a myokine. It is discharged into the bloodstream after muscle contraction and acts to increase the breakdown of fats and to improve insulin resistance.Genetic variations in IL6 are associated with susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis systemic juvenile (RASJ) . An inflammatory articular disorder with systemic-onset beginning before the age of 16. It represents a subgroup of juvenile arthritis associated with severe extraarticular features and occasionally fatal complications. During active phases of the disorder, patients display a typical daily spiking fever, an evanescent macular rash, lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, serositis, myalgia and arthritis.Note=A IL6 promoter polymorphism is associated with a lifetime risk of development of Kaposi sarcoma in HIV-infected men.

Host species/Isotype:Rabbit/IgG

Species reactivity: Human

Immunogen:Recombinant fragment within Human IL6 aa 1 to the C-terminus. The exact sequence is proprietary.

Uniprot number:P05231

Storage instructions:Shipped at 4°C. Upon delivery aliquot and store at -20°C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.


Volum :0.1ml

Purity:Protein A purified


Tested applications:WB,ICC/IF,Flow Cyt,IP

WB=1:1000(predicted molecular weight: 23kDa)


Flow Cyt=1:500