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Avian influenza antigen rapid test kit

Avian influenza antigen rapid test kit

Detection Principle

Mainly from the immunity of the gold strip, NC membranes, testing (T) lines and control (C) lines constitute the basic test structure.When the sample test paper joined the hole on the card samples, samples of avian flu antigen and antibody coated colloidal gold to form antigen-antibody complex, and the flow along the strip the other end of the NC membrane.When the logistics of the compound to the membrane of the T zone, fixed on the membrane of specific antibodies to capture the complex and gradual integration of a visible condensation T line, not with the colloidal gold antibody flows through the T zone is the second anti-C, C capture and the formation of visible lines. C line indicates that the immunochromatographic happened there, that effectively strips; T line appears then that the samples contain the avian flu antigen.

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Avian influenza (AI) is a type A influenza virus (AIV) caused by highly contagious diseases. Or European fowl pest fowl plague, also known as true; is not only a chicken, other poultry and wild birds can be infected with avian flu.


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