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HER2 receptor


Mouse Anti-HER2 receptor antibody

Volum : 0.1ml

Reactivity : Human,Dog,Horse,

Applications : WB=1:100-500ELISA=1:500-1000IHC-P=1:100-500IHC-F=1:100-500IF=1:100-500 ???????????? not yet tested in other applications. optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.

Anti-gen synonyms : erbB-2 isoform 2; HER2 receptor; Erbb2 protein; CerbB2; c erb B2; C erbB 2; C-erbB2; CD340; Erb B2; erbb2; HER 2; HER 2/neu; HER2; Her2/neu; Herstatin; MLN 19; MLN19; NEU; NEU Proto Oncogene; Neuro Glioblastoma Derived Oncogene Homolog; NGL; p185 ErbB2; p185erbB2; Receptor Protein Tyrosine Kinase ErbB2 Precursor; Receptor tyrosine protein kinase erbB 2; TKR1; Tyrosine kinase type cell surface receptor HER2; v erb b2 erythroblastic leukemia viral oncogene homolog 2 neuro/glioblastoma derived oncogene homolog (avian); ERBB2_HUMAN; Receptor tyrosine-protein kinase erbB-2; Metastatic lymph node gene 19 protein; Proto-oncogene Neu; Proto-oncogene c-ErbB-2.

Host : Mouse

Clonality : Monoclonal

Isotopes : IgG

Concentration : 1mg/1ml

Purification : affinity purified by Protein A

Storage : Store at -20 °C for one year. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles. The lyophilized antibody is stable at room temperature for at least one month and for greater than a year when kept at -20°C. When reconstituted in sterile pH 7.4 0.01M PBS or diluent of antibody the antibody is stable for at least two weeks at 2-4 °C.

Research Area : Tumour Immunology Chromatin and nuclear signal Growth Factor and Hormones