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Selenium protein W


What is selenoprotein W? What is it composed of? Selenium protein W is the smallest selenoprotein consisting of 85-88 amino acids. Selenium protein W is widely distributed in tissues, and the content of selenoprotein W is related to the amount of selenium in tissues. Selenium regulates the expression of selenoprotein W in tissues.
What are the effects of selenoprotein W? The role of selenoprotein W in the body has three aspects:
1. Selenium protein W has an important antioxidant effect.
2. Selenin W has an anti-apoptotic effect. Studies have shown that selenoprotein W can inhibit the production of pro-apoptotic factors and increase the expression of anti-apoptotic factors, thereby protecting brain tissue from oxidative stress-induced apoptosis.
3. Selenium protein W has an anti-inflammatory effect. It has been confirmed that selenoprotein W is capable of modulating an inflammatory response, which is capable of inhibiting the expression of inflammatory factors, thereby protecting the body.