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testosterone content

The word ‘testosterone’ is what you would call a synonym for ‘manhood.' It is the testosterone content in the human body that differentiates between male and female physical characteristics. As the primary sex hormone in males, it has a key role in development of male reproductive tissues. But that’s not all! Did you know that testosterone amount has an impact on other systems of the human body, as well as the female body? Well, to know more on that, you will have to scroll down to the headings below.

With a prominent role in sexuality to bone density and mass of muscles, this sex hormone influences human behavior to a great extent. Now comes a bevy of queries as to what is the need for testosterone in human body and effects of its misbalance.

Testosterone – The ‘male’ hormone

The very first trace of production of testosterone in males is found in seminal glands in the 7th week of pregnancy. It is a courtesy to this that male genitals as prostate, penis, and testicles are found. The secondary sexual features that are important are – growth of hair in face, body and private parts.

Starting from infancy to puberty and finally to adulthood, this hormone has a role in increasing libido and erection in males. However, recent medical studies depict early male menopause, which causes lowering of testosterone levels fast.

Its primary positives are - The total growth of body:  This hormone level determines muscular growth, distribution of fat and development of bone tissues. Next is, Condition of skin: Since this hormone affects how oil glands function, hence chances are high for different health related problems. It also induces low vocal pitch: This testosterone hormone also causes vocal chords in boys to become thick with time. Behavioral tendencies: The testosterone level determines rate of dominance in males, along with self-esteem and competition level.

The need for ‘male’ hormone for females -In women, the general level of testosterone content is within 15-80 units. This hormone is important for maintaining fitness and stamina levels, good skin and high bone density. A fall in this level is harmful.

The impact of testosterone content in functioning of human body:

Apart from male and female sexuality development, the testosterone content is useful in other domains as well.  Did you not know that? Well, read on! Ensuring proper functioning of prostate gland. It speeds up growth of RBC’s within bone marrow. It helps in inhibiting certain cardiovascular issues. This hormone affects mental processing of an individual along with his mood and memory. Hence, far from mere ‘manhood,' it is these areas where this hormone has gained priority. What you must note is, in case of any lab test if you purchase a kit, you should do it from authentic web domains.

Though specifically known as a male sex hormone, in recent times a high content of testosterone has been found in female athletes. Though initially, selectors considered it as a case of high doping however medical research has found it to be naturally present in female body. Rather, females with higher testosterone levels have higher competitive advantage of 1.8%-4.5% over other women.

Are you having high testosterone content in your body? Well, you have a plethora of positives over others!