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The harm and detection method of melamine

The harm and detection method of melamine

After Sanlu infant milk powder incident, the public know more about the melamine, melamine (MEL) is a kind of synthetic organic nitrogen heterocyclic compounds, and the nitrogen content is very high (66%), which can increase the crude protein content. Illegal producers are adding the chemical to lower production costs and improve economic performance.


Previously, melamine was thought to have mild toxicity, and half of the deaths in rats were more than 3 grams/kg. An experiment in 1945 reported that large doses of melamine were given to rats, rabbits and dogs, and there was no apparent poisoning was observed. Long-term consumption of melamine can cause reproductive and urinary damage, bladder and kidney stones, and can further induce bladder cancer. However, a preliminary survey of pet food contamination in the United States in 2007 found that: Pet poisoning was caused by wheat gluten, which was contaminated with less than 6.6 percent of melamine. It put a question mark on the conclusion


Sanlu milk powder is poisonous because it contains melamine, which may be added directly to milk powder, or it may be added in raw milk. Milk and milk powder have been added to melamine, mainly because it can impersonate a protein. A senior called Stephen, who is from FDA, said that the chemical composition of melamine in food poses a threat to infant health. Therefore, the determination of melamine is important for the quality of dairy products.


At present, melamine in feed and food is mainly used in the method of combination of Liquid mass and gas mass. Although these methods have high sensitivity and accuracy, it is difficult to deal with the defects such as complex, time-consuming and not suitable for on-site monitoring. The immune colloidal gold technique is highly sensitive and specific, and it is fast, portable and suitable for mass sample screening. Based on the principle of gold immunochromatography assay, the melamine rapid detection card (GLORY SCIENCE CO., LTD, Product NO.: AC001) was used to measure melamine in fresh milk, milk powder and feed samples. And it gets the desired results.

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