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The preparation before submission of SCI papers

The preparation before submission of SCI papers

By studying the teaching content of the SCI journal editorial teacher, combined with our own experience, we have made a brief summary of the preparation work before the SCI submission:

  1. The introduction in chinese article are very different from SCI paper, do not follow the writing methods of Chinese article to write SCI papers introduction. In most of the Chinese articles, the introduction part, the literatures cited are very few, and there is no depth, which in the SCI paper is not appropriate.

In general, the Chinese article does not consider the importance of the introduction part, But for the English article, this part is very important.

  1. The article format: this part, in fact, each journal article may have their own requirements, then before submission, according to the journal that we chose to submit, we should carefully study the submission of information, generally in “for authors”. If you do not want to see this part of the content, you can also download the latest published articles in the journal, with reference to their format to do the appropriate changes. The format of the reference should also be assimilated with endnot. If the format is not correct, the editorial office is entirely possible to ask you to rework.
  2. Check the repetition rate: The open access journals attach great importance to the repetition rate of the article, if your own articles are not assured, it is recommended that checking repetition rate of the article before submission. Of course, If you think your paper basically not copying other people’s content, you can also submit the first.
  3. Chart making: for the chart, the author must follow the requirements of the editorial department of the journal to complete. The part of“for authors” must carefully be read, if not meet the requirements, the submission can not be completed.
  4. Selection about submission journals: Be sure to pay attention to the selection of the journal. If the content of the submission articles does not match with journal content , it will lead to the article was quickly refused , this will lead to a lot of time to be wasted.

The above is only a small part in the submission process, more detailed content will continue to be added, so please continue to focus on our website.

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