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Vitamin B12

According to a medical journal recently published, there was a particular case of a 57-year-old woman who was suffering from paresthesias in both legs for last 1 year. To ease her pain, she was given strict dosage of B12 vitamin, which helped her regain her strength in her legs. If you are wondering if B12 is one of those random vitamins, then it is important for you to know that growth process in humans has huge importance of vitamin B12.

Known as the powerhouse vitamin, human body requires this for cell metabolism and DNA formation. Most importantly, it is of primary need for growth in children.

A little more about this powerhouse vitamin:

As a water-soluble vitamin, this has a strict role to play in growth of RBC as well as to increase metabolism in human body. This vitamin is also important for proper functioning of central nervous system, as well as enhances digestion within the body.

The primary function of this ‘vitamin’:

In comparison to most of the vitamins, in growth process of individuals, there is a major importance of vitamin B12. Its primary functions include:

Creation of energy in human body: The primary function of this vitamin is to create energy within cells. This vitamin provides nutrients to the cell, thereby helping it maintain balance for appropriate functioning of the cell.

Importance of bone density: Another importance of vitamin B12 for maintaining bone density. Studies depict patients of osteoporosis, have a higher content of homocysteine in their blood. Hence, patients with this problem need to intake B12 vitamin content for dealing with such issues.

Protection of the heart: For the uninitiated, there is a massive importance of vitamin B12vitamin in protecting the heart. A specific protein known as homocysteine is present in human blood, and it results in inflammation of arteries.

It is this vitamin B12 that helps in deleting this protein from heart and promotes blood flow within arteries. Hence, you can note that along with cholesterol, this is another protein that your system has to stay away from.

Note: A daily consumption of dairy products, organic poultry, and wild-caught fish can keep your B12 content in check.

Important for developing health of brain: This is another important area where importance of B12 can be found. There are myelin sheaths in brains, which B12 protects by constantly replenishing them. Also, for enhancing a clear memory, this vitamin manages level of cobalamin in human body.

As per latest experiments in medicine, it has been found that lack of B12 in a pregnant woman could lead to birth defects in children. Also, further research from scientists has shown isolation vitamin B12 from edible bacteria could help in dealing with a nutrient deficiency in humans.

Though certain major benefits of this vitamin have been stated, yet further research is being carried out. In case you too are part of this research, it is important that you get your samples from an authentic medical lab. Hence, importance of vitamin B12in the present has seen an immense rise in present times.

Do you measure your B12 intake?