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Anti-phospho-GABRG2 (Ser366) antibody

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Anti-phospho-GABRG2 (Ser366) antibody

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Background: GAD-65 and GAD-67, glutamate decarboxylases, function to catalyze the production of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). In the central nervous system, GABA functions as the main inhibitory transmitter by increasing a Cl- (chloride) conductance that inhibits neuronal firing. GABA has been shown to activate both ionotropic (GABAA) and metabotropic (GABAB) receptors, as well as a third class of receptors called GABAC. The ?subunit of GABAA receptors are important for benzodiazepine binding and modulation of GABA-mediated Cl- current. GABAA R? is a 467 amino acid mulit-pass membrane protein localized to the postsynaptic cell membrane. Present as a pentamer with other GABAA receptor chains (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon), the GABAA ligand-gated Cl- channels selectively complex with D5DR to enable mutual inhibitory functional interactions between the two receptor systems. Defects in the gene encoding GABAA R Gamma 2 have been found to be the cause of childhood absence epilepsy type 2, familial febrile convulsions type 8, generalized epilepsy with febrile seizures plus type 3 and severe myoclonic epilepsy in infancy.

Host species/Isotype:Rabbit/IgG

Species reactivity: Human, Mouse, Rat, Chicken, Dog, Pig, Cow, Horse, Sheep,

Immunogen:KLH conjugated synthesised phosphopeptide derived from human GABRG2 around the phosphorylation site of Ser366:KP(p-S)KD.

Storage instructions:Shipped at 4°C. Upon delivery aliquot and store at -20°C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.


Volum :100ul

Molecular Weight:50kDa

Purity:affinity purified by Protein A


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