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Rat Neurogulin (NGR)ELISA Kit

Rat Neurogulin (NGR)ELISA Kit


The kit takes out from the refrigeration should be balanced 15-30 minutes in the room temperature, if the coated ELISA plates have not been used up after opening, the plate should be stored in sealed bag.
Washing buffer will Crystallization separation, it can be heated the water helps dissolve when dilution. Washing does not affect the result.
Pipette sample with pipettors each step, and proofread its accuracy frequently, avoids the experimental error. Pipette sample within 5 min, if the number of sample is much, recommend using multichannel pipettor.
If the testing material content is excessively high (The sample OD is higher than the first standard well)?please dilute sample (n-fold).
Adhesive Strip only limits the disposable use to avoid cross-contamination.
The substrate should be preserved evade the light.
Please refer to use instruction strictly. The test result determination must take the microtiter plate reader as a standard.
All samples, washing buffer and each kind of reject should refer to infective material process.
Do not mix reagents with those from other lots.

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Reactivity : Human

Method Type : Sandwich ELISA

Minimum Detection Limit : 640ng/L

Detection Range : 10 ng/L -350 ng/L

Application : ELISA

Purpose : For the quantitative determination of Human (UBN1) concentrations.

Research Area : Cardiovascular Angiogenesis Cytokines Interleukin Immunology Innate Immunity Cytokines Interleukins Immunology Innate Immunity Cytokines Interferons Antibody Arrays Membrane antibody arrays Angiogenesis antibody arrays

Sample Type : serum, plasma, Urine, tissue samples, cell culture supernates

Components : Reagent Quantity
Microelisa Stripplate 12well?8strips
Standard: 90?mol/L 1?0.5ml
Standard Diluent 1?1.5ml
HRP-Conjugate Reagent 1?6ml
Sample Diluent 1?6ml
Chromogen Solution A 1?6ml
Chromogen Solution B 1?6ml
Stop Solution 1?6ml
Wash Solution 1?20ml?30 fold
User manual 1
Adhesive Strip 3

Pre-coated Strips : Pre-coated,Strips (12 x 8)

Restrictions : For Research Use only

Storage : -20 øC,4 øC

Storage Comment : Store at 4øC for 6 months, at -20øC for 12 months. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles

Expiry Date : 12 months