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As you approach your due date, the panic button in your body must have started working overtime. After all, you have heard a lot about the labor pain that women have to face and those YouTube videos on motherhood have not really helped much. Wait! Your body is also preparing itself for this difficult process, and amidst those multiple hormones, role of relaxin protein hormone is most important.

As one of the ‘relaxation’ hormones in female body, during pregnancy, relaxin as per recent studies has gained prominence in other areas of human body.  This content will primarily shed light on relaxin’s role in easing of pregnancy. Scroll down to read, before you rush to the maternity ward.

The protein ‘pregnancy easing’ hormone:

Relaxin is a protein hormone that is circulated corpus luteum in ovaries. It is also released from placenta and uterus lining and fetus membranes. When the mother enters into second trimester and during childbirth, the content of this protein hormone sees a steep rise. For a general idea, you can note that the role of relaxin this protein hormone also mediates level of hemodynamic changes, inhibits contractions in uterine walls and prepares female body for pregnancy.

Your body is already preparing safety chain for your baby. There’s more!

Relaxin as a hormone works in a particular format during pregnancy. This hormone is quite high during first trimester, and it helps in implanting the developing fetus to uterus wall as well as placenta. It also regulates both female renal and cardiovascular systems, allowing greater blood flow to kidneys and placenta, catering to nutrient demands of fetus.

As you come near to end of your pregnancy, this hormone helps in rupturing of membrane and aids in childbirth. As per latest medical information, this rise in relaxin hormone correlates with back pain during pregnancy in younger women. Apart from this, the role of relaxin hormone is also important to maintain blood pressure in pregnant women, until the time of lactation in mothers.

The ‘pregnancy easing’ procedure:

To answer your query as to how this protein hormone works, these are the set procedures.

At the initial stage after conception, Relaxin inhibits the contractions of uterus to prevent premature births. Next, during pregnancy, your abdominal muscles have to accommodate the growing baby. This relaxin hormone helps in stretching of these muscles, as well as rib cage to adjust to growing diaphragm. For human parturition, mobility in joints is necessary. So, it helps in relaxation of pelvic girdle. Other tendons and ligaments of female body are also softened. Finally, it relaxes pelvic muscles during childbirth to allow women to push harder for the baby to come out. Though this hormone is essential for a safe pregnancy, yet excess relaxin content is harmful to your body. Exercise and eat well for balanced relaxin content in your body.

Recent medical information on relaxin: As per latest medical discoveries, relaxin promotes healing of wounds via decreasing of tissue fibrosis in lungs, liver, heart, and kidney. Being anti-inflammatory in nature, it helps in growth of new blood vessels. Acting as a regulatory mechanism; role of relaxin content in human boy acts as a therapeutic agent for patients, suffering from and pulmonary hypertension and vascular remodeling.

When you check your relaxin content in the body, make sure that you have high-quality medical kits from authentic providers. The role of relaxin has increased manifold in human body. Note the levels carefully.